KINO/FILM: Soviet posters of the silent screen – GRAD, March 2014

Soviet posters of the silent screen, GRAD (March 2014)
(via GRAD – Gallery for Russian Arts and Design)

Battleship Potemkin, GRAD (March 2014)

Cement, GRAD (March 2014) Oil, GRAD (March 2014)

Heroes of the Blast Furnace, GRAD (March 2014) Turksib, GRAD (March 2014)

The Uprising, GRAD (March 2014)         October, GRAD (March 2014)

You must remember that, of all the arts, for us the cinema is the most important.
Vladimir Lenin, January 1922.

Russia in the 1920’s.

You need to find a way to reach the largely illiterate and undereducated masses.

Think propaganda. Think indoctrination.

The result?

Wonderful film posters. All the more incredible when you think of the limited materials available to the designers.

Drawn by hand, the posters are bold in design, graphic (think geometric shapes, symmetry and devoid of superfluous details) and heavy on colour. Shown alongside film excerpts, they encapsulate the Russia of the time.

Chess, Oil, Cement, Uprising, October, The End of St Petersburg.

Turksib documents the building of the Turkestan–Siberia Railway and we glimpse at ethnic cultures.

Heroes of the Blast Furnace glorifies Socialist labour and depicts the lives and loves of steelworkers. The poster design reminiscent of Aleksander Rodchenko’s graphic work.

All images courtesy Antikbar, with the exception of the poster for Battleship Potemkin, courtesy Christie’s.


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