Leonardo da Vinci at the National Gallery

Well… isn’t that clever?

The National Gallery recently announced that they would cap the number of visitors to their forthcoming Leonardo da Vinci exhibition.

Rather than promoting the exhibition in a normal way, the National Gallery is ‘selling’ us the exhibition as an enhanced experience for visitors. And frankly who will not be pleased by this news? Overcrowding is a problem. Knowing that the exhibition will not be overcrowded like blockblusters tend to be, of course I want a ticket to this exhibition! I want to be there, not crowded. Creating demand and anticipation months ahead of the opening day is bound to make this a sell-out success (not that it wouldn’t have been, I’m sure).

Now… let’s just hope that these clever people at the National Gallery have thought this through and extended the exhibition’s run to ensure that every one who wants to go will be able to go.

PS – I’ve got my ticket!

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