Making the most of it

Veggie breakfast at Royal Teas

Wallpaper pattern in Royal Teas (March 2013)

Cakes for sale, Royal Teas (March 2013)

When life deals you a blow, and your washing machine stops spinning and the repair man can’t be with you for another week, you can either sit back and stare at the mountain of dirty washing piling up in the corner (wow… how quickly it accumulates)… or you go to the launderette and make a trip of it.

We ended up in the delightful Royal Teas. Coffee, fresh juice, and delicious breakfasts. It’s the sort of place you can visit for breakfast (obviously!), coffee and cake, lunch, afternoon tea and cake… In fact, I’m not sure when you wouldn’t go there.

We’re converted.

The rest of the weekend was mundane. Keeping out of the rain and getting on with tasks.

Dinner was lovely. Straight out of The Simple Things #1: courgette and potato fritters with tomato relish. Yummy.

And then we talked about holidays and researched trip ideas.

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