Moonlight Madness – Guildhall Art Gallery and London’s Roman Amphitheatre – 21 October 2011

The moon tonight is a waning crescent.

The Moonlight Madness evening at the Guildhall Art Gallery and London’s Roman Amphitheatre was inspired by the “atmospheric paintings of Atkinson Grimshaw”.

Last night was the first of quarterly late views at the Guildhall Art Gallery and London’s Roman Amphitheatre. And the evening was tremendously civilised with live music; poetry readings (the poems all inspired by the moon of course) and a Victorian magic lantern show. And there was even a delicious moonbeam cocktail!

Being in such close proximity to the amphitheatre was a real treat. London’s forever evolving and nowhere faster than in the City so to get such a sense of London’s history was special.

All events were free and admission to the ‘Atkinson Grimshaw: Painter of Moonlight’ exhibition was £5/£3.

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