Mumbai attacks – how safe is travel?

The recent attacks in Mumbai have shocked the world. They were unexpected. The number of attacks as well was meant to scare us (not dissimilar to 9/11 in that respect). And that’s the point: to shock us; to make us feel safe nowhere. I no longer comprehend the world we live in. Only a few weeks ago, Obama said that he would make it a priority to withdraw troops from Iraq (with the UK bound to follow…). Were these attacks his reward? Both in the US and the UK, people want an end to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and the troops home now (many didn’t want them there in the first place).

The fact that the attackers are/were young is also truly shocking. Are they victims of something they do not understand? Brainwashed? Or just wanting to play action villains? I don’t get it.

Targetting innocent citizens is lame. The victims were from various nationalities, backgrounds and faiths. May they rest in peace

What does this mean for travel and the travel industry? The Foreign Office is advising ‘against all but essential travel to Mumbai until further notice‘. December is a big tourist month for India and I’m sure, understandably, many people will now put their trips on hold. Will the attacks make me think twice about travelling abroad? No. I don’t even think that they will make me reconsider where to go next.

Is travel any less safe today than it was last week? Are we safe at home? A friend of mine went to Syria a couple of years after 9/11 and came back with great stories; he was welcome whereever he went. He was one of a handful of tourists there. Sure, big and small businesses benefit from tourism… but travel is about more than that. People love to travel. As well as meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, traditions and food, travel is a way for individuals to meet and share moments.

Keep on travelling; don’t let them win.

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