Muntu Valdo – Barbican, 16 November 2008

Yes, I did catch up with Muntu Valdo at the Barbican (free) Jazz festival event, as promised. And I’m glad I did. He was excellent!

The set lasted approx. 30 mins.He played Leta, which is fast becoming my favourite track. (I’ve linked to an old live recording to get you to experience as close to the real thing as possible; Leta is the second song).

The stage was in the foyer and a few people had gathered early. By the time I got there, about 40 people were mingling and waiting patiently. By the end of the set, about 300 people were watching. Yes, some of these people were there for the event gig but although they may have intended to just see what was going on, they stayed till the end and let me tell you… Muntu got a great ovation at the end (which he fully deserved). About three people came to ask me who he was. The man is making friends!

I’m not sure what he had expected but he sounded genuinely surprised that so many people were there for him, watching him. Yes, he may have played to bigger audiences but never that close and personal. It was brilliant!

 Muntu Valdo rocks.

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