Off-limit travel destinations

Hmmm. It’s one of these mysteries I cannot entirely figure out.

Why is it that dangerous places have such an appeal?

Last weekend, I stumbled across an article on off-limit travel destinations online and it reminded me of that list of currently off-limit places I have.

Yep, I have a list of currently dangerous places on stand-by. I’m just waiting for the world to become a better place to visit them.

The attraction of these places is often purely the mysteriousness associated with the names. They evoke that feeling of adventure. Some of them brought to my attention for the wrong reasons.

And so the list goes something like this: Chad; Dal Lake and the Kashmir region; Kabul and Kandahar in Afghanistan; Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi; Socotra and Shibam in Yemen; Baghdad and Babylon in Iraq; Mogadishu; Tibet; Rangoon and Mandalay in Burma; the Congo and Kerzaz in Algeria (see below).

Sadly, I’ve just had to add Lamu (Kenya) to the list.

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