One week on…

A friendly robin (October 2013)

It’s a tricky balance I find… clearing your head whilst not whiling your days away.

I make lists of what I’d like to achieve each day and discard them. I am moving at a much slower pace than usual. Some stuff gets done. But mostly I’m doing fun things.

I spend a few hours in the garden, de-weeding and clearing leaves. An extremely friendly robin keeps me company. I read, go swimming, attend extra Pilates classes and I’m making tremendous progress on my jigsaw. I watch girlie programmes and borrow films from the library for £1.00. Argo for a £1.00. My. If you don’t already make the most of your local library… well, what can I say… you should. Anyway, what a great film. I highly recommend it. I explore Etsy (I found these incredible tights). I bought some ankle boots (in brown) and some washi tape (the Other Half grumbled that a few months ago he didn’t know what washi tape was but now, he feels that washi tapes are taking over the house).

I’m also putting some serious thoughts into the blog, reading online articles on how to better it. Like… post regularly? Ah. Yes. I am aware that posting has been erratic these last few months and whilst I’m not making excuses, I’m sure you now understand why that is. I’m trying to sort out some of the technical issues which arose from the recent WordPress update (the header’s gone back to blue… My option so far is blue or nothing. So blue it is… but I want my orange back!). And you may have noticed my new Random Stuff posts (I love them and I hope you do too).

One week down.

Where will the seven days take me?

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