Photography: New Documentary Forms – Tate Modern, February 2012

The Photography: New Documentary Forms exhibition looks at five artists and how they use photography as a documentary medium.

I really enjoyed the work of Boris Mikhailov. His works show everyday life in the Ukraine before and after the fall of the Soviet Union. The images, themed by colour, give a real insight into the lives of the Ukrainian people. I guess there was such a mystery surrounding the whole Soviet Union that I’m still fascinated by it. And part of me thinks that in some corners of the Ukraine, life goes on as portrayed in Boris Mikhailov’s images.

Each artist has a different technique (which I guess is why they are exhibited together). And it works.

In Akram Zaatari’s studio, Lebanese people are recorded for posterity or souvenirs. They are transformed for a few minutes… imagining a different life, acting out their fantasies.

Guy Tillim’s work, Congo Democratic, follows election campaigns and candidates and is more sobering.

Photography: New Documentary Forms is on at Tate Modern until 31 March 2012. Admission free.

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