Pineapple muffins

I made pineapple muffins yesterday afternoon.

It didn’t go well.

It didn’t start well, to be fair. I was going to make carrot cake muffins but I forgot to check whether we had raisins. We did not. So I settled on pineapple muffins.

They never had a chance.

As I put them in the over, I realised that I’d forgotten an ingredient. So I got them out of the oven, after about two minutes, in order to add the missing ingredients to the mix.

Then I realised (too late) that I’d set the over on ‘cook from the top’, instead of ‘cook from the bottom’.

And when I got them out of the tray, each of them broke in two.

They are still nice.

But I’m gonna have to make them again.

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