Random Stuff #24

What a lovely Bank Holiday weekend we had.

Cooperative weather, some exhibitions, a film, lots of sleep and plenty of home time some of which we used for home improvement projects. Yeah.

A variety of links for your perusal and enjoyment.


> SKATERS have gone and made a cover version of This Charming Man. I’ve listened to it a few times now and you know what, it’s not bad. Not. Bad. At. All (via the Curious Brain)

> This print

> Bubble football. I want to play Bubble Football. Are there any rules to the game? Who cares. It looks fun. I want to have a go

> 15 Instagram accounts about life in Cornwall. Warning. If these don’t make you want to move to Cornwall immediately, then at the very least they’ll make you want to be there right now (apart from #2 which doesn’t seem to be there anymore)

> Pharrell continues to make us all happy. Browse to your heart’s content for guaranteed happiness. Spreading pure joy to the world, one video at a time. I’ve only watched a handful so far; ILES KERGUELEN makes me happy


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