Random Stuff #8

You know it’s Christmas time when everyone in the street is carrying Amazon parcels, people are in a good mood, round robin cards are dropping on your doormat and restaurants are full of work dos and silly hats. Ah… I love it.

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without goodies. Enjoy!


> Fancy having a look at some terrible estate agent photos? You do, don’t you?

> Not much of 2013 left for us to play so our thoughts must turn to 2014. I found this 2014 seaside-themed calendar to download. Isn’t it lovely? I was tempted to download the Southern Hemisphere version, but that would have been silly.

> 10 things we learned from Mass Observation.

> Wow. Just wow (but lots of times). Glacial waterfalls in Svalbard.

> It’s Lego. It’s The Wire. It’s The Lego Wire. All five series. It’s brilliant. All In The Game, Yo.



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