Reading on my travels

Reading’s obviously on my mind at the moment.

I came across a book this week that somehow manages to both fascinate and annoy me: “Reading on Location” by Luisa Moncada.

On the plus side, it’s well structured and it offers some interesting choices of books to read on location. On the minus side, I like to research which books I’ll take with me on my travels.

When packing my rucksack, it’s always a case of what am I going to leave behind so I can fit these three enormous books in as well as the guidebook!

Which books to take is a much easier decision to make in comparison: I always take books which are set in the place I’m going to. The reason for doing so if that reading on location gives you amazing insights into the place, the people and the local customs and traditions. I find it brings it all alive.

And so in Bhutan, I read “Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan” (Jamie Zeppa) and “Kingdom of the Golden Dragon” (Isabel Allende); “The Inheritance of Loss” (Kiran Desai) in Darjeeling; “The Greenlanders” (Jane Smiley) in Greenland; “101 Reykjavik” (Hallgrimur Helgason) in Reykjavik; “The Sheltering Sky” in Morocco and “Cannery Row” (John Steinbeck) in Monterey (California) to name but a few.

Still, the fact that “Reading on Location” was written in the first place is to be celebrated (I wished I’d thought of it!) for reading on location is highly recommended!

I’d love to hear about what you’ve been reading where…

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