Rwanda – tipped as tourist destination on the up for 2009?

Hmmm… The recent events in DR Congo are depressing and I can’t help but think that another huge humanitarian crisis may well be on its way. As usual, the international community is taking too long to act and I fear the worse. Hey… but after finding out today that Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country, what hope is there!

Rwanda getting involved is not good news for a country which was slowly getting back on its feet and where the tourist industry was looking more than promising. As you know, Rwanda made it to my list of top five countries to visit next… At the moment, the Foreign Office is advising against all travel to the rural border areas with DR Congo, but no doubt people will be thinking twice about travelling to Rwanda at all until the situation improves. What a shame! Rwanda was recently tipped as one of the hottest destination for 2009.

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