The crazy months of May and June

Songlines Encounters Festival leaflet

Life is slowly returning to some sense of normality.

For a little while at least.

The last two months have been manic. Nice manic.

Fresh from my last minute trip to Liberia, I found myself on my way to West Africa again. Togo and Senegal this time.

So first of all, I’d like to apologise for the silence. I have so much to share. The list goes something like this:

  • Belarus (last August)
  • The mystery December trip
  • Liberia (April)
  • Cornwall (May and June)
  • Exeter (May)
  • Togo (May)
  • Senegal (May)
  • London (June)
  • Bulgaria (June)
  • And much more…


I thought I’d ease myself back in… here’s a round-up of the last few weeks or so.

We saw Elvis Costello who returned to the Royal Albert Hall with his Spectacular Spinning Songbook tour. Great fun, yet I think part of me liked last year’s show best.  There were a few technical issues and may be the man himself wasn’t on top form. I don’t know. Having said that, we were treated to a few favourites and it was a very enjoyable evening. We went to a few wine tasting evenings, which focused on red wines from the Mediterranean and the Americas, and made a few discoveries. We had cocktails and dinner at friends’… warming ricotta and spinach lasagne, yeah… it’s that kind of summer here! I treated myself to a couple of  massages and ended up with a few bruises (I’m so sure this is not what’s meant to happen). A long weekend in Bulgaria and a few short ones in Cornwall.

So there you have it. Crazy months. The usual busy busy.

One of the top highlighs has be the Songlines Encounters Festival. We came across it by chance and booked tickets for Malick Pathé Sow and Bao Sissoko / Duo Sabil with John Williams. It was a bit like attending mini-concerts. A good way of finding out what you like. The classical guitar, the oud and the kora. Magical instruments. And the sounds flowing seamlessly. Very lovely. If you closed you eyes, you’d find yourself transported to a mysterious place where adventures await.

What else? Ah. I’m totally addicted to Revenge (I’m about half way through season two). OMG. I love the storyline (I have lost count of the number of bodies) and Emily’s beach house. And more seriously, it got me thinking about the role of women on TV these days. Emily Thorne, Katniss Everdeen and Sam Hunter have a lot in common. It seems these strong women operate out of self-preservation and are motivated by revenge and a desire to see the truth out. Men are kidding themselves, thinking they can look after them… And yet, it unsettles me. None of them have the insouciance of James Bond. Any thoughts? Anyway, while you ponder this serious matter, here’s another one for you. Who should Emily be with? Jack? Nah… childhood sweetheart, but not man enough for her. Can you see these two leading a normal life? Boredom. He’s a sweetie, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not the right one for Em. Aiden? Now… Aiden is man enough, but again, what kind of a normal life would these two be living? ‘Have you murdered anyone today love?’ I don’t think so. Aiden’s was there at the right time for young angry Emily, but that time’s passed. Daniel? Ah… Now. Daniel. He’s grown up a lot between series one and series two. He truly loves Emily and does his best to protect her and he’ll be there for her. Always. And they look stunning together. Again, thoughts please.

Now… July awaits.

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