The Departure Board

Whilst writing about the demise of Excess Baggage, I came across The Departure Board’s 7 Wonders Interview.

Going through the questions, I realised that although I always plan my trips meticulously, I always leave space for the unexpected and unplanned.

Yes, I do like to follow the guidebook on my first day somewhere, may be take the recommended walk. But there’s plenty of detours and free-form taking place as well.

As for checking the departure board for places I’d like to go to… well, yeah, of course! You mean some people don’t?

It’s almost part of our airport ritual: where we’ve been, where we’d go back, where we want to go next… and where we don’t want to go.

It can continue to rain all it wants… I have The Departure Board to explore and plenty of interesting reading to do on idontwanttogothere.

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