The Elephant Parade – all gone!

Yep… where recently we had elephants, we now have nothing.

The elephants have gone

They’ve gone.

As you can imagine, I’ve very much enjoyed the Elephant Parade, and now, I miss them… even though it’s only been a few days. This, after all, is very much what the Elephant Parade is about, making us realise that once they’ve gone, we’ll miss the Asian elephants.

So… what do we need to do to ensure they don’t disappear?

  1. Make a donation to this most amazing cause on the Elephant Family JustGiving page
  2. Buy mini elephants online or in one of the few London shops (Selfridges; 80 Regent Street; 6 Foubert’s Place and Greenwich Central Market)
  3. Buy a ticket for the Elephant Parade Grand Auction (3 July, £75.00)
  4. Bid for your favourite elephant
  5. Sign the save the Asian elephant petition
  6. Contact the Elephant Family to see how else you can help

And if nothing else will do but seeing the elephants again, then make your way to Westfield where a mini herd will be in residence from 21 to 30 June or to the Royal Chelsea Hospital on 25, 26 and 28 June.

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One Response to The Elephant Parade – all gone!

  1. Stefan says:

    Don’t worry, Elephant Parade London marches on.

    While the hearts and minds of the public have been captivated by our elephants, we wanted to follow up our success with a short animation about the parade as a thanks and call out for further support. Although the elephants have disappeared from London, we still need help to make sure they don’t disappear from Asia. You can help us again.

    You can watch the video at

    Thanks for your time and your support.

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