The Elephant Parade…

Yes… it seems that it’s all about elephants these days… but hey you’ve got to admit that The Elephant Parade is something else!

The elephant fever is spreading through London… whether you come across them by chance (which is my approach so far) or whether you seek them out (ticking them off the list as you spot them), there’s no denying that they’re taking London by storm.

Yes, I have seen families seeking them out and ticking them off the list. Yes, I have seen grown up people talking to them. Yes, you will want to pat them. Yes, everybody is taking photos. Yes, I have even come across one of the artists, seating with her Elephant.

You may want to leave it to chance too… or you may want to follow the route map.Whatever you do, I hope you see as many of these little fellows as possible between now and 4 July… when sadly they’ll be leaving us.

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I'm an inquisitive being. Everything is an adventure: art, architecture, colours, food, patterns, people... and travel! And I love elephants. That's what I mostly write about.
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