The quietest weekend – October 2012

Strawberry vodka (October 2012)

Lingonberry vodka (October 2012)

Last weekend was my quietest weekend in ages.

I can’t believe how beautifully autumnal it was out there and grrrrr, I was unable to make the most of it.

I wasn’t well. I stayed at home.

Caught up with stuff on demand.

Slept lots.

Ate seasonal comfort food (nice ‘n’ spicy risotto with butternut squash, a recipe torn from the November 2005 issue of House Beautiful apparently). Tasty. But the chef found it boring so I guess we won’t be having that again.

I did find the energy to shake the flavoured vodkas we had made the weekend before. They’re my taste trials for Christmas gifts. We have vanilla, lingonberry (from the dried lingonberry I bought at Helsinki airport in March) and strawberry (I used these). Another week or two of rest and they should be ready for tasting.

Packed up and returned my elephant skin/tomato converse. I’m upset. Sadly, I can’t get my money back or get a replacement pair, even though they’re faulty, so I’m exchanging them for plain grey ones. I’m so so upset.

Oh. And it turns out that the new shiny coffee machine needs to go back too.

Booked a craft class for November.

Booked an afternoon at a spa (also for November).

Bought theatre tickets for March. Next March!

Tidied the house a bit.

Tidied links under my favourites.

With more weekends like this, I’d get my life under control in no time.

It’s quite possible that I would also go mad.

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