The rise of ‘daycations’

The recent recession brought us the ‘staycations’… and now it appears that we have ‘daycations‘.

Okay. Let think this one through.

Holidays are good for us. Long breaks are good for us. We all lead busy hectic lives. We need decent breaks to relax and take it easy. It takes a good week to unwind; two weeks to relax and three weeks to feel really chilled I reckon.

According to the National Trust, the number of people in Britain taking ‘a two-weeks holidays has decreased by 18 per cent over the past five year’. This is worrying. It can’t be good for us on a personal level. And it can’t be good for our employers. We all need to recharge our batteries every now and then.

But that’s not the most worrying thing about this article. ‘Daycations’? Really? What’s wrong with taking a good old ‘day off’? I may even let you have a ‘one day break’… but ‘daycations’, no.

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