The world’s coming round

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You know when your mum’s coming round to your flat and you give the place a quick tidy? Well that’s exactly what we’re doing. Except our “flat” is London and our “mum” is the rest of the world coming round. So we’re cleaning London in time for the London 2012 Olympic Games. But that’s a big job so we’re asking people like you to lend us a hand. We have litter to pick [sic], graffiti to scrub, and flowers to plant. To help London look its best go to P& Come on. Make your mum proud.

Slightly controversial tube campaign.

I understand.

I get the the corporate arguments.

But hey you could clean up your area, make your community a nicer place  to live and make new acquaintances along the way.

See. When you put it like that…

In fact, this reminds me of this guy we hired to drive us from San Luis Obispo to Carmel, along Highway 1 (California), a few years back.

Whilst we were taking in the sights, he would get his litter picker out of the car and get picking. He filled bags of rubbish that day. He said he was doing his bit for this part of the world he loved so much and keeping fit at the same time.

Win win.

Thanks Dave. You’re truly inspirational.

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