“To the Ends of the Earth” – Frozen Planet (BBC one)

I watched the first episode of Frozen Planet (BBC One) last night.

And it’s nothing sort of a masterpiece. It’s a seriously amazing and jaw-dropping documentary. In fact, superlatives just won’t do.

“To the Ends of the Earth” focuses on the Arctic and the Antarctic as David Attenborough travels to the last great wilderness on Earth, the polar regions. I have to admit a certain preference for the Arctic… but that’s only because I had such a fantastic time in Greenland in March!

Every shot is a stunning still life. I found myself pressing ‘pause’ I don’t know how many times… in awe of the scenery, landscapes and animals on display.

I can’t wait for the second episode and if you can’t either… then feast on this trailer:

And the dvd has gone straight to the top of my Christmas wish list!

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