Travel list conumdrum

I knew this would happen.

It took me ages to finalise the ‘top five countries I want to go back to’ list. I kept mulling it over… but now, I’m not convinced I made the right choices. Why did I limit it to five?

I do want to go back to Bolivia, Bangladesh, Greenland, Burkina Faso and the USA / Canada. But I also want to go back to Italy, Iceland, India and Morocco. In some cases, I want to revisit specific areas such as Tofino and  Bella Coola in British Columbia (Canada). I also want to return to Vietnam to explore new areas such as the Mekong Delta.

And then there are so many new countries to be explored.  Can I really go back to old favourites?

Well, having just recently returned from Iceland (my third visit), I know that some countries get under my skin and whether it’s the food, landscape or culture, every time I go, it’s a different experience. And I have the luxury of being able to explore deeper since I don’t have to worry about the ‘tourist’ sights.

And since I can find an adventure almost everywhere, revisiting a country or exploring new territories is hardly going to be a hardship, is it?

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