UPPERCASE magazine

I’m so excited it’s insane.

I understand my love for travel. I understand my love for food. I understand my love for my closests and dearests.

But my love for UPPERCASE magazine?

I’ve never read the magazine. I’ve never even seen the magazine.

On Tuesday, my friend is landing at Heathrow at 11:30 and by 13:30, I’ll be the ecstatic owner of nine issues.

I’m giddy just at the thought of it. I have had to wait soooooo long for that moment.

My friend lives in Toronto and I sent her on a mission across town to purchase back issues for me. That was my last hope. By then, I had been to or contacted the majority of London’s listed retailers, without any luck.

I particularly can’t wait for issue 11. I love that cover.

At the moment, I get my daily fix from the UPPERCASE blog.

Not long now.

That’s my Easter break sorted. Homemade cakes, pots of tea, the sofa and UPPERCASE.

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I'm an inquisitive being. Everything is an adventure: art, architecture, colours, food, patterns, people... and travel! And I love elephants. That's what I mostly write about.
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  1. Erin says:

    Hi there. So happy to read this! I’m the new Online Editor for UPPERCASE. I’d like to use this post for our mentions from around the web on Friday. Do you have a picture of you and the magazines you could share with me? And a wee bit about yourself? I’ve noticed a particular fascination with elephants. Care to explain? Our bull elephant here at the Zoo in Calgary is called Spike. He’s got a ‘cap’ on one of his tusks. Every time that we go to the Zoo (and we go LOTS) we have to say good morning to Spike!

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