Weekend brunch – guinea fowl eggs on sourdough bread

Guinea fowl eggs

Guinea fowl eggs for brunch

Guinea fowl eggs and sourdough bread

I do like my eggs.

I tend to treat myself to a decadent duck egg scramble every Christmas.

And whilst duck eggs are now commonly found on supermarket shelves, more exciting options have started to appear… such as guinea fowl eggs.

Having tried various specific chicken eggs such as Burford Brown and Old Cotswold Legbar, duck and goose, I just had to try guinea fowl eggs.

They looked small in their small box.

I was going for four cute little eggs on lovely toasted sourdough… but two were plenty enough. The yolks were almost normal size.

Creamy and deep yellow.


Will I be brave enough to try an ostrich egg next? Have you seen the size of this thing! Do we have a pan big enough? Do we have a plate big enough? To be honest, the prospect of a fried ostrich egg terrifies me… any alternative recipes out there?

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