What makes a country?

When I heard the news that the Maldives were planning to relocate, it made me think about what makes a country… the people, the culture, the currency… or the location?

Should the plan go ahead, and you can see why they need to at least think about it, how will it feel for the people, how long will it take them to settle and call their new ‘land’ home? A different climate possibly? New fauna and flora? Will they have to acclimatise to new wildlife and potentially diseases? A new diet? How do you preserve your culture and your identity? Do you move everybody gradually or in one go? How long until the sense of adventure fades and one becomes homesick? So many unknowns, so much to think about…

And… I haven’t yet made it to the Maldives. What if I don’t make it before the move: will the Maldives I go to be the Maldives? We have all seen images of the resorts and dreamt of the relaxation, pampering and water sports on offer. What impact will this have on tourism? Will there be any tourism? If not, what will happen to the nation, so reliant on tourism? It’s like having a clean slate, except that you have the memories… and in your memories, you used to live in paradise.

So… do have I to lift the Maldives up my list of places to go to next? And if I make it there before ‘the move’, will going to the Maldives once they have relocated count as going to a new country?

Do you know… questions keep coming to my head… Do you have any answers or like me, are you puzzled by the whole idea?

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