Where not to go in 2012

At this time of year, we usually see lists and lists of destinations for the new year ahead – the hot trends and the new discoveries.

And so not surprisingly, the BBC’s list of places to avoid in 2012 caught my attention.

The usual suspects are there – Afghanistan; Pakistan; Iran and the Gulf; Iraq; Yemen and Somalia. It probably makes sense to avoid the Middle East altogether at the moment, following last year’s uprisings. Too early.

One of them caught my eye however: the Olympics. Well, that’s an interesting one. The Olympics are in London and London is where I spend a lot of time.

I have long debated whether to be in London for the Olympics or go off travelling. In the end, I decided to stay put. The overcrowded public transport unable to cope with the demand and the hordes of tourists are still a major put off… but the Olympics are in town and that’s not something that happens that often!

And my 2012 travel plans involve leaving London but in March, June and December!

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