Where will 2009 take you?

It seems that most of us will holiday at home in 2009. Coastal resorts; renting a cottage with friends (this is a great option if money is tight, as it really keeps the cost down); camping; renting a barge to cruise canals; rediscover the lakes; etc. 

Given the choice, most of us went abroad in recent years as the pound was strong and it would have been silly to not make the most of those cheap airfares. But maybe it’s time to give this up for a bit…  and economically, it makes sense too. There are some truly beautful places here too waiting to be discovered. I’m sure as well that we’ll see some great offers as hotels etc will want to attract our custom.

I can certainly see a few long weekends in the UK next year but I’ll holiday abroad. Part of going away is to experience different cultures and get some decent weather.

And it seems that I’m not the only one. Whilst a strong Euro means that some European countries like France and Spain will lose out, new destinations are emerging: Egypt; Poland; Croatia; Israel; Cuba, Iceland, The Caribbean and Dubai.

What about you: will you be home or away in 2009?

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