Working from home

Lucky me. I got to work from home today.

I always find it incredible how much work I get through when left to it! Such a sense of achievement.

And. I get to be at home all day.

I ran a few errands this morning, grabbed myself a coffee (pure indulgence) and still, I was at my desk by 8:38am.

I had a hot lunch (I normally make do with a sandwich).

At 5pm, I stopped working and got to play! No commuting for me today. Actually that reminds me of last night’s commute. I noticed that at least three people in my carriage were wearing colours. Yep. We are moving away from black. A sure sign that winter is on its way out!

Which is quite sad in a way. I know, I know… I couldn’t wait to get rid of January. It’s just that I love the extreme cold these days (probably because I’m equipped for them) and the purity of the light on such days. The cosiness of home. Comfort food.

Summer will be great. It’s just this in-between I’m not too keen on.

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